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"Mower Stand; Special Tools"

What method do you use to prop up a lawn mower to work underneath? A stick? Or do you just flip it over and get oil all over the place. About 15 years ago a friend and I colaborated on this one. You need to weld together square tubing. Dimensions are up to your liking. The end of the tubing is slotted to fit the bottom edge of the mower deck. Works really nice. Take a hack saw to the top edge and cut across the tube in 2 opposing spots so you can hammer down 2 sides of the tubing, leaving 2 sides standing. You'll need to have 2 diameter sizes, so one slides over the other. Than drill holes through the welded upright and slider tube. With a straight shaft pin and clevis pin you can then adjust the height for different applications.

The picture above is with the stand in the next to bottom height adjustment. The picture below s with it at it's highest adjustment.

Gotta special tool you've come up with. Let me know and send a picture if you can and if I like it I'll include it in this series.

LMRM;Bob :<=

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