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"Clutch Remover; Special Tools"

These aren't pretty but they serve their purpose. We've all had to remove clutch's from chain saws or some other 2 cycle equipment. The manufacturers sell the special clutch tools to remove them but jeeze, if you bought all the different ones you run into it would cost a small fortune, and what of those odd ones that you didn't think of ordering prior to the customer droppng off the equipment. You need it now so you can do the job. Grab a flat punch and hammer? This work better.

Next time you're at your local swap meet, pick up an assortment of used, larger sized sockets. They're usually pretty cheap and it doesn't matter if they're worn out for their original purpose. When you need a clutch tool, get out your used socket assortment and find one with the right diameter that will fit between the clutch shoes or spider. Mark the position you want to have notch's to slide into the clutch and head over to the grinder to remove the material that's in the way.

Shove a starter rope down the spark plug hole with the piston in the down position, rotate the crank to jam the piston against the rope, wedged between the piston top and cylinder head, stick your air gun to your new clutch tool and whamo, the clutch is off. Don't forget, most 2 cycle clutch's are reversed thread.

Gotta special tool you've made. Let me know, send a picture if you can and if I like it, I'll put in this series.

LMRM;Bob :<=

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