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"Tang Bender; Special Tools"

A lot of governor settings today are done with tang benders. I found that most were pretty flimsy and tended to bend or break rather then do what they were supposed to do. One day out of frustration with the bought type, I grabed an old slot screw driver, stuck it in the vise and took a hack saw to it. Right down the the middle of the blade. What I found was that screw driver material, even the the cheapest screw drive, was much more sturdy then the junk you can buy. Most of us have old screw drivers laying around, well here's a good way to put them to good use. Heat and bend them as you need to fit into different applications.

Gotta tool you've made to cover a special situation? Let me know, send a picture, if I like it, I'll include it in this series.

LMRM;Bob :<=

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