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"Special Tools"


Have you ever had a need for a special tool but one wasn't available or you just didn't want to pay the price for one that was? It's not always possible but often with a bit of thought you can make your own. If you've looked about my site a little you may have come across my page on making your own spark tester. This page covers some of the other "Special Tools" I've made over the years. Maybe they aren't what you need, but maybe they'll give you an idea for something you do.
This one uses an old pair of pliers to solve a Honda problem.

Who doesn't have old screw drivers laying around. If you're a shop tech and frequently making governor adjustments, this may help.

Need a 2 cycle clutch tool? Got some older large sockets laying around or have a swap meet you can get them at cheap? Try this.

Here's a mower stand to prop up the mower to work underneath.

If you have a special tool for tha special application, let me know and if you can send a picture. If I like it I'll include it in this series.

LMRM;Bob :<=

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