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"The Lawn Mower Repair Man's Front Page"

"Don't Do This"


Just thought I'd show and tell about some of the errors found made by folks who made their own, uh, repairs or quick fixes. This isn't to discourage you from attempting to remedy problems yourself, only to point out the pitfalls should you have a bit of brain fade.

The following is a Kawasaki engine with the sealing boot mating the air filter box to the carb improperly installed. This careless assembly results in allowing dirt entry into the carb and engine. Not with happy results.

This next one is of a Max series Briggs. Often we see this as a quick fix someone does when the air filter gets dirty and chokes out the engine. What they've done is left the bottom fingers of the filter cover outside of their slots so the filter doesn't seal and allow air (and dirt) to by-pass the clogged filter. Once again, un-happy results have been inflicted.

This one was one of the funniest we've come across. This loon tred to find a better way to quick fix his broken starter. Clamped the rope under the starter pulley. I don't know if he realizes just how lucky he was it didn't start. The thing would have been a giant "string trimmer". Would have taken his leg right off.

Two purposes to this page. A little humor and more important, to expose some of the errors made when you fail to think about what you're doing and the possible results. Equipment damage and personal injury can happen in a big hurry when an error is made with power equipment. When you finish a repair or quick fix, stop a second and think about it and take a last look over what you've done.
Happy Mowing.

LMRM;Bob :<=

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