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"Parts is Parts"


Wanna bet? No, I'm not talking about cheapo non original parts, I could, but not this time. I'm talking about original equipment parts and they're not all the same.

When you head for the mower shop to pick up some parts, take something with you. Take along the model numbers, all of them. In most cases, engine and equipment will have their own numbers, so be certain to have the right numbers. Contrary to common belief, there is no such thng as a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower. Briggs makes engines, not the equipment they power. The exception is when you own a Honda piece of equipment, they will be powered by Honda and the equipment numbers will in most cases suffice for engine parts.

When you walk into the shop and ask for an air filter for your mower and have no model numbers, you're asking someone to pull a needle out of a haystack. This is frustrating to both the customer and the counter person who has probably already been expected to do this bit of magic half a dozen times that day alone. So if you do it to them once more, don't be too surprised if the person across the counter from you seems a trifle put off. He/she, cannot do the job you're asking.

Sometimes those numbers are not all that easy to find, so look around for them. Have a bottle of 409 or other cleaner and a rag handy and start searching. Get all of them, even if you think some aren't important, some may not be, but let the parts persons make that decision. It's a lot easier than having to return home empty handed or worse, have some counter man take a guess and send you off with the wrong part.

Everyone is a lot happier and there won't be a need for extra trips if you'll stop a minute and get the numbers first.

One last item. If you don't know what a part is called, take a good look at it and draw it on a piece of paper. Note where on the engine or equipment it is located and what you think it does. With that, the parts person may be able to properly identify what it is you want and then with the right numbers, look up the proper replacement. Ahh, "I love it when a plan comes together".
LMRM; Bob :<=

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