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"The Lawn Mower Repair Man's Front Page"

"Service Shops;
Who can you trust?"


If you're new in a town or new to the need of using a service shop for your power equipment, just where can you turn for receiving competent repairs and service? Do you roll the dice and hope for the best? Used to be a pretty tough choice to make unless you knew someone you trusted who could advise you, but if you are new in a town you may not know anyone.

Well, it still ain't a perfect world but there is a way to hedge your bet just a bit. The industry is backing, supporting and promoting certification of not only repair techs but the shops they work for. O.P.E.I. (Outdoor Power Equipment Industry) has several certification programs and Briggs has their own M.S.T.(Master Service Technician) program. Many of the manufacturers are now requiring that dealers employ certified techs to maintain there dealer status.

Of course you still need to be concerned of both dealer and tech work ethics which may play into whether you are satified with the repair or service you receive. Manufacturers are concerned with this as well and over time a shop with to many unexplained complaints can be dropped but in the mean time you could be the victim. What you want to look for are shops and dealers with certified techs and who are certified dealers as they have the most to lose by losing their certification by not complying with proper work and business ethics. These dealers receive slightly higher price breaks on parts and other incentives to maintain their status so it's something they don't wish to lose. Check your local yellow pages for Master Service or OPEI certified dealers. It's not a perfect answer but it's one that gives you a leg up.

LMRM; Bob :<=

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