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Todays T.O.M. is aimed towards the owners of landscape maintenance companies. Are you just "Commercial" or are you a "Professional"? I won't try to tell you how to run your business but I have my own definition of what makes you just a run of the mill commercial or a professional.

We hear it in the shop just about every day. "My mower is broke and if I don't get it back right now, I'm out of business." If you were a professional, you wouldn't have a problem. A professional has "Back Up". A pro will have at least one "Back Up" unit for every type of equipment he has, maybe more depending on how many crews and machines he/she has in the field.

It doesn't have to be brand new or the fanciest unit around, just a reliable piece that will get the job done. An older retired unit that still has a little life left in it is perfect for "Back Up". Even an inexpensive throw away from one of the mass merchants will do for emergencies. The shop I work for tries very hard to turn around machines for the guy earning a living with it as quick as possible but during the season that can still be 2 or 3 days while the general public may wait 2 weeks. If you're out of business for 3 days you may lose accounts. How many losses does it take to equal a "Back Up"?

And what of those accounts you don't lose, wanna bet whether they look upon you as professional? You may not lose them but will they recommend you to their friend? "Oh, Johns lawn service does a pretty good job but I never know when he'll show up". Is that you?

Get Your "Back Up"! Cover your tail.

LMRM, Bob :<=

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"The Lawn Mower Repair Man's Front Page"