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"The Case of the Missing


One of the annoying little traits of the Patmont® Go-Ped® has been the regularity of the development of an engine miss. The problem will come and go and may even get to the point of not running at all. Most times it isn't the fault of the engine. The ignition kill switch on the Go-Ped uses the steel casing surrounding the throttle cable as its ground wire. This casing has a rubberized coating on it but there are a couple of locations on the scooter where wear will rub through and ground the ignition. In it's early stages it is an intermittent miss. It may start ok while on the stand but as soon as you hop on it dies. There are a number of ways this annoying trait may effect you but it almost always is from the same condition.

On the Sport and Liquimatic models check the throttle cable below the board where it passes above the board frame rails. It may be hard to spot so if in question, tape it up with electricians tape to insulate it. One other spot is where the cable passes the knurled pipe nut just below the handle slider tube. When turning the steering handle the cable can rub on this knurled nut and wear a big ole groove. This one will be easy to spot.

On the Big Foot® model the same areas can be involved but for some reason the BF tend to have it's problems in an area that is unique to the model. The Big Foot has a cable which raises and lowers the engine to engage and dis-engage the drive. Just behind the board on the lower part of the frame tube is a mounting bracket for this cable to secure too. The throttle cable routes just below this bracket and wears on it's edge. This tends to be the most common spot for trouble with the BF but the others shouldn't be overlooked.

Patmont has been installing improved cables on new units since late 99 and replacemnet cables have been of the new improved variety since the same time. So far it looks like this new cable is doing the job.

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"The Lawn Mower Repair Man's Front Page"