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Below is the site index with a short description of each page. You can click on the individual squares to go to that page.

The Lawn Mower Repair Man's front page. My "BS Tips". More then three dozen pages of quick tips to help with your repairs. Equipment Selection. Deciding what YOU need before buyng is half the battle. Where should you buy power equipment. Are there advantages buying one place or another? Find out.
Maintenance. The basics you need to know to keep your equipment running with a minimum of problems Sharpening your rotary mower blade. It's EZ, so why is yours dull? Safety. Always the last page anyone looks at, if at all. If you get hurt, don't say you weren't warned! Links Page. Sites that may be of related importance.
Winterizing. Anytime your equipment is going to set more then a month, it needs to be winterized. Regardless what the weather is. Editorial Page. Warning; if you get your feelings hurt EZ, don't go here. Getting Wired. Find the extension cord requirements for your corded electric power equipment Just what you wanted. A short profile on the LMRM
This page covers repair of clutch style B&S recoil starters. Basic repair specs for Briggs engines. Spark Tester. Let me show you how to make a simple ignition tester. F.A.Q.'s Just for fun
Go-Peds.How to keep the drive adjusted on these popular pocket rockets. Abbreviations Some of the abbreviations you may be confused about. -=-=-=- -=-=-=-