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These are the rules of the question board and email line. Continuing beyond this point is your acknowledgement of the following.

1. The purpose of my web page is to assist the shade tree mechanic with his/her personal use, outdoor power equipment. If you've got large heavy duty commercial equipment, this isn't the place for you.

2. Answers given by me will be along general lines. Answers not engine related will be very general. If you need precise detail, perhaps the repair manual is what you need. Guiding you across the bumps is the whole reason for being here. I enjoy helping folks or I wouldn't do this, but you must think for yourself.

3. NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS!!! Got that? Give the model and spec numbers. Engine numbers are not the same as the equipment it powers. Look and find the correct numbers before posing a question. A question about a carb on a 4 hp Briggs is like asking which egg in a carton of twelve was laid first, unless they're numbered you can't.

Governors are far to sensitive, complicated, and are virtually impossible to explain without being there to show how. Further, guessing the rpm and not using a proper tach is the way of the un-informed or foolish. Over the years it's been my experience that it's a 50 50 chance the so called tech in the shop doesn't even know how to properly set the "static" governor adjustment. If you've messed with your governor and can't get it set right, you deserve to pay someone who knows how, to do it for you.

5. Please keep content to the subject and language suitable for all. Last and most important. Don't get bent. When I decided to bring back the question board I made a promise to myself to have fun. What I do here is on my own time before or after spending the day at the shop and if I feel like unwinding by injecting a bit of sarcastic humor at times, don't take it personal. Any equipment and engine advise I give will be correct to the best of my knowledge but beyond that you need to read twix the lines.

The Question-Message board may already have a similar question and answer posted, check the titles of recent posts that appear to address your question prior to posting a repeat, you could save some time.

Question/Answer-Message Board

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