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The listings to the right are links to editorials by myself or others in the industry. If you are a tech or for that matter, anyone directly involved working in the outdoor power equipment industry, and you'd like to write an editorial for the world to read, email it to

This page will allow the use of some language, within reason and when appropriate. Any submissions must be relevant to the industry and avoid name calling without purpose. I will reserve the right to edit when something is deemed out of line and to refuse those which have no purpose but to slam. If I feel a need to edit something, I will contact the author first for his/her approval before listing the editorial.

Bob Solesbee
LMRM :<=


"Funny Little Men", by the LMRM :<=
When the manufacture trips, everyone trips.
"Motorized Toys" by the LMRM :<=
Don't blame me if you won't listen
"Funny Little Men; Part II: by the LMRM :<=
Uh Oh! They're back again
Say Goodbye to the Repair Shop: by the LMRM :<=
You Asked For It