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Winterizing Power Equipment

"Go ahead, make my day". Don't winterize your power equipment and I'll gladly accept your hard earned cash next spring when it's once again time to dust off your neglected mower or trimmer, and it won't start. Don't say no one warned you.
NOTE; For winter equipment such as snowblowers or any equipment which has periodic planned down time, the term "winterize" may not be appropriate but the need to prepare the equipment for storage is.

You may be one of the lucky ones who live in a warm climate and use your equipment year round, if so, this page may not be for you. However, it's probably time to do some routine maintenance so don't let it slip.

When is it time to "Winterize"? That depends where you live. The time is whenever it turns cool enough that your equipment is no longer needed until next year. The last thing your equipment needs before being forgotten this year is to be tucked in for the winter.

The Good is when you go to fire up the old mower next spring and it purrs to life just as you expect. No unwanted surprises.
The Bad is yanking your guts out trying to start an engine that can't. Can't because of
That nasty varnish build up in the carb and on the valve stems or corrosion from moisture. That darn mower won't start and you end up yanking the rope out trying to make it. You take it to the shop for repairs just to find, 500 folks got there first with the same problem and there's a 2 or 3 week wait before you get your mower back. Meanwhile, your grass is growing at a rate that will consume your kids and dog long before your mower is ready to use.

Avoid the BAD and UGLY. Check your owners manual and go to the following page to improve your chances for the GOOD next spring.

Power Equipment Winterizing

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