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Back to the Future?
"2001 W.C. Season in Review"


Part II
Daytona is hot and muggy in July. Florida was having a wetter summer than normal and you couldn't walk outside without sweating buckets and getting bit constantly by mosquitoes. The drivers found in practice that after about 25 laps they couldn't see for all the dead bugs splattered on the windshield. With that and the return of blown right front tires it was mandated that a "Competition Yellow" would be thrown every 25 laps in the race. This had the graduates from the first few years of the truck series hoping to have an advantage. To everyones surprise, Dave Marcis making only his 5th start of the year cruised to the victory. During post race inspection however, it was decided that Dave's Styrofoam wrapped "Wing Tips" were not approved in the rule book and he was lifted of all points and fined $10,000. Mike Helton had successful surgery when doctors had to extract one of Dave's Wing Tips from his back side.

"It don't rain in Indianapolis in the summer time", yea right, it pours. With no off dates available they finally got the race ran on Wednesday with Kurt Busch taking his 3rd win of the year.

Finally getting over his fear of falling objects, Dale Earnhardt was once again looking forward to going to the road course and no restrictor plates. Dale qualified on pole and dominated the race in taking his first win of 2001.

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