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Questions? E-mail Us!

Questions? E-mail Us!

Screen Shots Of Doc's Survival Guide

Easy to use graphical user interface... Just Point & Click!

Covers basic engine theory and major components!

Easy to use flowcharts... Just Point & Click!

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Doc's Survival Guide For Small Gasoline Engines ©

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Product Features

Graphical Troubleshooting Flow Charts

  • Quick Help for 20 Common Problems
  • Troubleshooting Basics
  • System Basics
  • Tools For The Job
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Warranty Notes
  • Safety Tips
  • Helpful Resources

The flowcharts are the core of the software and are designed to guide you step by step through a shop proven troubleshooting process. Each flowchart explains specific troubleshooting procedures and anticipates additional steps based on the determined results. The charts are all graphically designed and provide easy point and click navigation. A hard copy of the charts can also be printed to assist you while working away from the PC. Systems Covered:

Ignition - Fuel - Compression - Charging - Starters


*Please Note - The DSG software is not intended as a repair instruction manual. The primary function of the software is to help you locate the source of problems rather than to give brand specific advise concerning repair procedures. The author highly recommends that it be used in conjunction with the proper repair manual for your application.



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