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"Tip of the Moment"

Below are a list of past "Tip Of the Moment" articles which are ran on my Message Board. They only run on the board a limited time so I have them listed here for those who wish to review them or who may have missed one.

"BS Tips" Archives

Blade Removal; from 1/29/00
An easy way to hold on to a rotory mower blade when removing and replacing.
Primers; from 1/30/00
They're on most Briggs and Tecumseh engines these days. But they don't all work the same. Here's how.
Make your own spark ignition tester/ from 1/31/00
A fairly easy to make tester for correctly checking the ignition on your small engine
Ignition Points; Cleaning; from 2/1/00
When installing new points, they must be cleaned
2 cycle oil; from 2/2/00
Want your 2 cycle engine to last. Read this
Fuel, It ain't Gasoline Anymore; 2/3/00
Todays Motor Fuel ages very quickly, don't be a victim
Go-Peds; Adjusting the drive spindle; 2/4/00
Getting the least tire and spindle wear while avoiding engine crank and crank bearing damage
4 Cycle Oil; 2/5/00
What to use and when
Repairing B&S and Tecumseh Carbs; 2/6/00
Minor quick fix of current rotory mower type carbs
Repairing carb fuel inlet seats; 2/7/00
Non replaceable seats are sometimes worn or slightly damaged and no longer seal. This "TOM" may save a carb.
Tensioning Chain Saw Chains; 2/8/00
Avoid damage and excess wear to the bar, clutch, sprocket and engine, maybe yourself
Getting Wired; 2/10/00
Choosing the correct extension cord wire gauge size
The Case of the Missing Go-Ped; 2/13/00
Ignition missing on Go-Peds are usually not engine caused; here's why
Oil Additives; 2/14/00
Why you shouldn't use them
Walk Your Yard; 2/15/00
The obstacle course
"Get Your Back Up", Are you a Professional?; 2/19/00
For the guy/gal earning a living with power equipment
"Air Filters"; 3/11/00
Keep it clean
"Sand Blast Cleaners for Spark Plugs; 3/12/00
Why you don't want to use them
Reel Mowers; 3/13/00
Some tips what not to do
"Mulching Mowers"; 3/14/00
A few tips on Mulching Mower use.
"The Surging Engine Syndrome; 3/15/00
Gotta find the cause before you can fix it
"Finding a Service Dealer" 3/18/00
Who can you trust?
"Parts is Parts" 3/22/00
Be prepared when buying parts, they ARE NOT all the same
"Model Type and Code" 4/9/00
Number Please! Why model numbers are so important when you have a question or need to buy parts
"Don't do That" 4/16/00
Well, OK, go ahead, make my day!
Governors; 4/19/00
Why I won't try to explain setting them
I Told You So!; 4/24/00
Now it's too late
"The Ballad of Fred; 5/14/00
"Grenade"; 5/16/00
Danger is a Lurking
"Safety Interlocks"; 5/29/00
Gotta riding or tractor mower, you got 'em.
"Vapor Lock"; 6/18/00
Now that the temperature is on the rise, don't get stalled
"Modified"; 6/22/00
Problems arising from even well intended alterations
"FIRE!"; 8/6/00
Don't get burned
"Gen-Set Vibrations"; 10/8/00
Excessive vibrations can cause breakage. What to do when it happens.
"Special Tools"; 10/18/00
Sometimes it's the only way, sometimes it's the better way.
"Under Flywheel Magneto Air Gap"; 11/8/00
A nifty trick for setting the proper gap, By Dave Aker
Honda Carbs; 11/12/00
A couple of Tips for problem areas on carbs found on Honda engines.
Tecumseh Carbs; 11/18/00
Some BS Tips for Chief Tecumseh
1/3/1; Quantum Power Recoil repairs
A little help with Quantum Power Briggs Starters
2/24/1; Fuelin Around with Designer Motor Fuels
A follow up to "Designer Motor Fuel, it Ain't Gasoline Anymore!